Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Custom Beach Sand Pendant

Custom Pieces Rock!

After my last post about the family visit to the beach and subsequent glass vessel pendant containing beach sand, a customer requested a similar piece with sand from the place she got married.  

And so I took my mom and kids to Indian Rocks Beach for some "market research" and shell collecting.  

We snagged the perfect FREE parking spot with a shower near the car!  SCORE!

The weather was the usual HOT but a nice breeze kept us cool and the water temperature was just the way I like it :)

I just happened to spy the most amazing dream house with a pool, fake grass, white and orange chaise lounges and walls adorned with Audrey Hepburn....  (what must I do to live in a place like this???)

Creeper Style Photo as I perched on their wall like an owl.

So, we all spent a few hours picking out the brightest and biggest coquinas from the THOUSANDS of squirming snails in the surf.  These will be used for future jewelry and art projects!

Then, I used a fine mesh bag to get a handful of perfectly white beach sand.

Four very special coquinas were chosen to hide in the sand.  A few taps and as the sand disperses, you can peek at these little guys.  

A special thanks to Stacey for her continued support.  Our whole family really enjoyed making your necklace.  

For your own custom jewelry, feel free to message through the Etsy shop:   www.HelloDragonfly.etsy.com 
or "like" and send a friendly message 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Look No Further!

Pass-A-Grille Finds

Finally the whole family got a day off together so we decided to postpone household chores and head out to our favorite beach for a few hours.

It was a completely gorgeous day and the water was a perfect temperature.  

Heaven really.  

We spent most of our time digging in the shallow surf with our toes and hands trying to see if there were any shells worthy of bringing back home.  I had my usual mesh bag in hand for the good ones.  

And then Matt came up with the best idea!

"Instead of walking the beach like you normally do and pick up the obvious shells, you should just throw a few handfuls of surf sand in the bag and use what's in there!"

I thought it was a brilliant idea so we all pitched in.

I spent a bit of time filtering out the fine sand and was left with this bag of would-be treasures.

That night and the next, we used spoons and tweezers to organize and search for perfect little baby shells like the ones above.  This will be an ongoing project I believe.

Although I have lots to show you let me start with this one necklace!  Why discard the little bits of shell when you can create cute necklaces like this!  No, it's not an original idea at all... but I am offering them on my Etsy shop anyway.  I used my metal stamping kit to imprint the letters and scooped out a little happy beach for others to show some St. Pete Beach love.  These can easily be personalize on the back or painted to your liking :)

Thanks for taking the time to stop and read this blog!  

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Time Out Post: A Run On Sentence

 I sit here contemplating whether I should grow this food baby a few more ounces with a 2nd AMAZING orange hibiscus tea... or devour this choco-espresso cupcake from +Pom Pom's Tea House & Sandwicheria  and send myself right into post lunch sugar coma.  

Not being in my own house today kinda stresses me out since I've become accustomed to multitasking like a crazy person mom, jeweler, writer, maid kinda super hero ... and here in Orlando, I really can't do all of that...

... and then I had the notion to thumb through all of the gift card purchases I made at a cute little shop called "Dear Prudence -Home of The Bead Lounge" to decide what jewelry I should make today as I foresee the rest of the month being completely over the top, ridiculously busy with a local anesthetic class I have to study for, two weekends in July/August totally dedicated to that certification which will involve over twenty injections in my face, and a couple writing deadlines in addition to the usual kid rearing duties and my need to spend more time with the boyfriend before he decides to disappear for someone who has something called "spare time". How can I NOT take advantage of the supplies here in front of me when I need lots of extra inventory for an upcoming craft show?!!

In a swirling cloud of what ifs and how's, my brain just realized that I forgot to bring the chain.  Not a single strand of chain with me!!!! How could I forget the most basic supply item needed to make all of the necklaces I was planning on making today??? 

And so, after much debate I think it's most logical to stop staring at the table as if this chain could somehow magically appear.  I've decided to ENJOY this cupcake one tiny bite after sweet tiny bite and wash it down with the tea after I put myself in the comfy couch where my kids are watching tv right now.  

Time to take full advantage of NOT being home.
 Time to take a break. 

Thanks to my sister for having a pup with a cone of shame!  This is my time out.

Oh yeah, I heard the "Cha-Ching" sound from etsy today!  (All is not lost)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Shifting Gears

It's all about BALANCE
I'm constantly trying to improve the way I balance the work/life situation so writing this blog will take a back seat now and then.  For over a year now, certain circumstances out of my control have required me to take on new work in order to stay afloat financially.
It's stressful living paycheck to paycheck but I thank my stars everyday that we live in a time and place that allows people like you and me to create work for ourselves.  Without ever writing up a resume, I have been able to lock in a few writing jobs just by seeking them out.  
Shout out to +Symphoni for allowing me to write for you :)

As time went on, I still had this burning feeling that my brain was going to explode if I didn't get some more time to paint, garden, dance, sew, glue or keep my hands in some kind of project.  

So naturally I started a jewelry store.  (cause that's what ADHD, busybody, lunatic types do) In order to take myself seriously, I even registered through the department of revenue!  
Yes, it's just ONE MORE THING on my plate--- but for me it's that FORCED FUN that I need.  

No, I don't have a retail space... and no I don't have mad skills or fancy equipment ... and sales have been slow to start.  BUT, I am selling some stuff and it's been fun learning process.   
Behind the scenes:

My trusty companion Gidget keeps me company when I'm struggling to get the words just right.

I have a new love for resins and resin jewelry and mixing them together, floating shells and flowers... It's frustrating and fantastic all at the same time.  Soon I hope to switch to a "green" resin when I get in my groove.  For now, I am relying on the Amazing brand.

Metal Stamping Kit is a new purchase!!

Oh, the tools!  I need some way to organize these.
Resin pieces haven't found settings yet.  Lots of little stuff to tinker with

Here are the two armoires that were turned into craft closets.  Oh my, I need a bigger house!

So, that's what's been going on around my neck of the woods.  If you would like to help support my wellbeing, share my etsy shop  or Facebook page with a few of your friends :)   
I sure would appreciate it.

Oh yeah, before I forget, I'm having a little jewelry giveaway: