Friday, April 4, 2014

Shifting Gears

It's all about BALANCE
I'm constantly trying to improve the way I balance the work/life situation so writing this blog will take a back seat now and then.  For over a year now, certain circumstances out of my control have required me to take on new work in order to stay afloat financially.
It's stressful living paycheck to paycheck but I thank my stars everyday that we live in a time and place that allows people like you and me to create work for ourselves.  Without ever writing up a resume, I have been able to lock in a few writing jobs just by seeking them out.  
Shout out to +Symphoni for allowing me to write for you :)

As time went on, I still had this burning feeling that my brain was going to explode if I didn't get some more time to paint, garden, dance, sew, glue or keep my hands in some kind of project.  

So naturally I started a jewelry store.  (cause that's what ADHD, busybody, lunatic types do) In order to take myself seriously, I even registered through the department of revenue!  
Yes, it's just ONE MORE THING on my plate--- but for me it's that FORCED FUN that I need.  

No, I don't have a retail space... and no I don't have mad skills or fancy equipment ... and sales have been slow to start.  BUT, I am selling some stuff and it's been fun learning process.   
Behind the scenes:

My trusty companion Gidget keeps me company when I'm struggling to get the words just right.

I have a new love for resins and resin jewelry and mixing them together, floating shells and flowers... It's frustrating and fantastic all at the same time.  Soon I hope to switch to a "green" resin when I get in my groove.  For now, I am relying on the Amazing brand.

Metal Stamping Kit is a new purchase!!

Oh, the tools!  I need some way to organize these.
Resin pieces haven't found settings yet.  Lots of little stuff to tinker with

Here are the two armoires that were turned into craft closets.  Oh my, I need a bigger house!

So, that's what's been going on around my neck of the woods.  If you would like to help support my wellbeing, share my etsy shop  or Facebook page with a few of your friends :)   
I sure would appreciate it.

Oh yeah, before I forget, I'm having a little jewelry giveaway:

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Can't Wait to Feel Great

Our house has been a house of Gatorade, soup, cough drops and cold medicines:

Last week's "tonsillitis" was a weak little hamster compared to the gigantic hairy monster flu the girls and I are enduring right now.  Finally, two of us got past the fever--- the little one was the worst today and will probably be home from school one more day.  Tomorrow I plan on taking as much OTC stuff as I can to work since the man of the house can play backup on the home front.

I slept a LOT today but still managed to finish up a couple Etsy listings:

The coquina has always fascinated me with the variety of colors they come in.  Ever since I was a kid, I can remember sitting in one place for hours at a time digging in the surf and watching these little guys dig their way back into the sand.  

All of the coquinas came from Pass a Grille Beach

It's definitely one of my favorite places to relax.  

Don't you love having fresh flowers in the house?!?
I get sad when they start to wilt but the baby's breath always look the same when they are drying out.
They work perfectly in resin because they don't change colors during the process.
The 25mm brass settings and cord came from +Painting with fire Studio ... 

I would love to say more but the Nyquil is kicking in quite nicely.  

Peace, Love and Harmony to you all!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fifty Seven

Day 57
365 macro

Before I put myself into a medication induced coma, I thought it would be nice to go ahead and post my pic of the day with something in the house that's pretty.  
Spent the morning trying to pretend I just have allergies to patients.  I HATE rescheduling people and inconveniencing anyone.... But I was reminded that no one wants to get sick and with half a voice, I'm not fooling anyone.

So thankful for a comfy bed, flowers and a boyfriend that's bringing me soup and Gatorade :)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fifty Six

Day 56
365 macro

Yellow and orange roses.  Ah... They smell great!

Flowers in the house always make me happy :)