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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanks Kahwa Coffee

Thank You Kahwa Coffee!!

Sarah was a dancer.  Raphael was a charming French dude working in a coffee shop.  Sounds like the beginnings of some great romantic movie doesn't it?!?  Well, I'm glad these two folks met and fell in love because when they decided to move back to the area (where she grew up), they also decided to start selling fabulous coffee to local restaurants and hotels.  Eventually that business bloomed into the two Kahwa coffee locations that we all know and love to visit.  (There are actually four locations, but I stayed in Saint Pete)

To all the true coffee fans that can drink it black: I apologize for not writing up some fantastic in depth review about the origins, the roasting, the blood sweat and tears that go into creating the blends you will find at Kahwa. By the time I get done with my Kurig cups of coffee, they resemble lattes.  I always need cream and sugar.   I am an amateur. 

So, here's the basics from their website:

 Kahwa Espresso Bar
475 2nd Street North
St. Petersburg, FL

My first visit to use my gift certificate was just after the election.  I was so glad to have that non stop media coverage over with and pleased to have a quiet morning to myself.  It was a chilly morning and a perfect time to sit in a coffee shop and read one of my favorite weekend papers while wearing a scarf.
Notice the empty plate and cup.  This was once a scrumptious turkey and cheese croissant and an ever so relaxing cappuccino. 

Kahwa Cafe
204 2nd Ave S
St. Petersburg, FL

I decided to let Matt come with me to the other location a week later to share a few laughs.  He's not a coffee drinker at all but he was hungry. This roast beef sandwich with goat cheese on a baguette was perfection!   My lemon poundcake and cappuccino were a nice little snack too.  If only I had one hour each day to sit at a coffee shop and sip a warm drink.  That would be a great start to the day ...and a future version of me will have to make it happen.

I hope everyone reading this has had the chance to visit Kahwa.  If not, get ready to be impressed and tell them Charlotte sent you!

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