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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Thanks Tryst!

Tues Dec 4 2012
No Kids 

Gotta Love Unexpected Date Nights!!!

I've been to Tryst a couple times now and there's so much to love about it from a customer's perspective.  Fantastic location, friendly staff, modern sexy decor, nice drink selection and a menu that makes it hard to decide what to order. 

They have been getting quite a bit of praise from the community this year as the lounge was named one of Tampa Bay Times ultimate bars of 2012 and Urban Spoon says there were one of the 250 most popular fine dining restaurants in the US.  Goes to show that social media sites, food bloggers, and online reviews do make quite a difference. In September, they hit their one year anniversary and I hope they are here to stay...

On Mondays and Tuesdays from 5-7pm they offer a three course "PrixFixed" Menu for $24.99 per person that includes one soup or salad, one entrĂ©e and one dessert.  PERFECTION!!

Here's a rundown of our choices:



Sorry about the poor photo quality here. I was fiddling with Hipstamatic and couldn't seem to get rid of the pink hues.  

Anyway, this was a beet and goat cheese salad that I devoured.  

Matt went with the classic pita bread and hummus... and there was a nice selection of breads that came with our meal.

Forget trying to go low carb when eating out. It's almost impossible for us!

Main Courses

Matt chose the roasted duck for a main course.  It was drizzled with a maple glaze and paired with spinach and wild rice.

I love salmon and this was more than excellent.  The huge piece of fish came on a bed of smashed red potatoes, sauteed spinach and tomatoes with a white lemon sauce.  

Chunky Monkey and Almond Cheese Cakes!
Oh MY!! So rich and delicious...  at this point, we were really starting to slow down.

I just had to share the view.  Next to our table outside sat this beautiful palm tree. The base was all lit up with strands of white lights.  The breeze was blowing and the sky was clear.  Just the perfect downtown Saint Pete kinda scene that makes me feel so lucky to live in Florida.

Thank You Rodney Contreras!!!  Your service was excellent, the food was delicious, and you helped make our date night perfect.

The holiday shuffle is making is tricky to get my blog updated but I promise I'll keep up with visiting all of the KSPL members on the prize list!
26 down  32 to go!!!


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