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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thanks St. Pete Brasserie

533 Central Avenue  

St. Petersburg, FL 33701

(727) 823-3700

Justin Chamoun and Wilco were hanging around when I sat down for my first lunch here. I always feel kinda like a creeper when I ask for pictures....

(Don't you agree that imperfect photos are much more entertaining than the ones that everyone previews and agrees on?!?)

The pics in my blog are here just to prove that I actually visited each place I'm talking about.  These just cracked me up because my friend +Sheri Kendrick just kept shooting and acting like she's having problems while I'm squirming all over the place trying to explain how to use the iPhone app.  

So back to my "Thanks"!

This was definitely not my first visit but the last few trips I couldn't track down these two VIP's during happy hour and weekday dinner. 

Promote your gift cards!!!  If people are anything like me, they will  spend more than the value on the card.
This was the first time since August that I didn't!!!

The salmon salad was so good I devoured it before really paying attention to it's details.  I do remember almond slivers, goat cheese and maybe some pieces of turnip???


Right before Christmas I spent some time at the restaurant with coworkers at our office party.  The service was great and everyone enjoyed a good meal and a few laughs. 

 That night I tried the pork belly since it's listed as a newer signature dish.  OH MY! 

 Yeah, it was scrumptious! Just read the description:

A plush, slow-cooked swath set atop smoky mashed sweet potatoes, surrounded by roasted veggies and given a drizzle of tangy-sweet apricot jus.

I also had escargot because I'm addicted to it.  

SNAILS AND PORK BELLY- Sounds just like what a good ole' girl from Polk County would eat!!!

So let me give a huge thanks to St. Pete Brasserie for being one of our city's great local indie restaurant options (and for the gift card)

I also continue to encourage everyone to brag about each positive experience you get through all of the social networking and review sites:

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